The 7th edition of the International Experimental Engraving Biennial (IEEB)7 presents the video installation by Sandra Sterle (HR), ROUND AROUND.

Opening: Thursday, 19th January 2017, 19.00h, WASP , Strada Ion Minulescu 67-93, Bucharest)
Exhibition period: 19th January – 18th February 2017

The video-performance Round Around first took place in 1996 and is connected with the series of photographs in which artist is disguised as an island rural woman, in seemingly documentary scenes in a “natural” and everyday environment. By reenacting a labourer's wife on the island of Mljet, the artist has both changed her personal focus and given credit to another woman in the same time asking herself if this character could actually be her. The staged mimicry of ethnographic representation of “healthy country life” is additionally emphasised by artificial blusher applied on her face and by pastoral and idealized scenes. In the video-performance we see her in slow-motion running around the tree. She continued with the same performance in 2003, and than in 2010, planning to do so every seven years throughout the rest of her life, whereas the centre of the circle (the kind of the tree) changes, as well as the video-technology due to the accelerated process of technologic obsoleteness (Hi-8, DV, HD). The performance is recorded each time with the new video technology that is available at the time, as a consequence - the reproduction of the image is improving - while the artist / character in the video is aging, which indicates a decline in her physical strength and energy. With the passage of time, the artist is becoming older and more alike the island rural woman - while the older video recording is appearing more authentic. Exactly from this place, where technology and life meet, or rather crash with each other, the work emphasizes the relation between them, shifting the center of gravity from life to technology and vice versa opening questions of authenticity, manipulation, progress etc. Seven-year pace of implementation is somewhat symbolic: reminiscent of the number seven as formulaic element of fairy tales and folk tales as well as allegedly period necessary to restore the cells in the body.

Round Around, G-MKGgallery, Zagreb,1998, In den Sluchten des Balkan, Kunsthalle Fridericanum, Kassel, 2002, RE:RE:RE:RE:RE, MKC/Multimedia Center, Split, 2010, To be continued.., Galery 90-60-90 Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagreb, 2013, Crossings, International Graphic Art Center, Ljubljana, 2014.

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