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  Last update: July 16, 2014
IEEB6 space news

Ecological Thinking. Ecological Practice.

December 2014/February 2015

IEEB chose to focus until now on the general aspects of experimental printmaking with an extended vision also over geographic areas. This was meant to answer to the imperative needs of making a statement as a reaction to the current status of printmaking around the world, seen by far as a traditional technique, unintegrated to the contemporary art movement. This fact comes as a surprising reality despite the extended use of printmaking techniques in consumerist society: printed press, book industry, advertising area, packaging industry or fashion industry.

The 5th edition of IEEB was focused on Central and Eastern Europe contemporary printmaking problematic faced with its Western counterpart (North America and Western Europe) raising questions of social, cultural and political identity.

The curator of the Main Exhibition of IEEB5 was Richard Noyce from UK, a renowned specialist on printmaking, author of major books on 20th century Eastern European printmaking. The Pavilions event from Victoria Art Center (curator Olivia Nițiș) focused on Austria, Poland and Hungary brought new meaning to the impact of printmaking today on various societies and artistic practices.

Dan Perjovschi

© Dan Perjovschi

The 6th edition of IEEB will address issues of ecology. Ecological Thinking and Practices is the general theme of the edition that will bring forth a variety of environmental issues. Artist’s thinking and production function as a tool for observing, criticizing and revealing aspects of our life that are sometimes not enough debated, going unnoticed and being subject to ignorance or power relations, therfore left marginal. Thinking ecologically represents an imperative for our civilization today, the parallel process between thinking and acting accordingly providing real change.

The works presented in IEEB6 will address questions, perhaps also offer answers to problems regarding our relationship with the environment. The art production itself is starting to include ecological materials. The specificity of printmaking means the use of acids harmful for the environment, but today other possibilities are at hand including non toxic, water based ink, ink without animal ingredients, organic paper with a large quantity of recycled material, less chlorine and so on.

Current events in Europe such as Rosia Montana, fracking and animal protection rights in Romania, Gezi Park issues in Turkey, other similar situations in Poland, Bulgaria to which we add other aspects around the world like tropical deforestation, massive industrialization, water pollution, non-environmental living and architecture, influencing global warming, represent imperative aspects for human conscience reaction. IEEB6 intends to represent a platform for these concerns, from different points of view.

IEEB6 Venues: Mogosoaia Cultural Center, Victoria Art Center - Bucharest, Aiurart contemporary art space - Bucharest, Atelier 020303 - Bucharest.

OMV, the main sponsor of IEEB6

OMV once again supports contemporary art in Romania


OMV’s sponsorship activities once again focus on Romania. The international, integrated oil and gas company and majority shareholder of Petrom supports cultural exchange in the area of contemporary art between its core markets Austria, Romania, and Turkey.

OMV has repeatedly presented Romanian artists at the VIENNAFAIR and has also supported one of Romania’s two official contributions at the Venice Biennial 2013. For the second time, the company is the main sponsor of the International Experimental Engraving Biennial, which will address issues of ecology and will also present examples of Austrian and Turkish printmaking at the Victoria Art Center, Bucharest. OMV is looking forward to contributing to the international dialogue in experimental printmaking.

Further information on OMV’s sponsorship activities:

Javier Martín-Jiménez, the main curator of IEEB6


Javier Martín-Jiménez (b. 1978, Madrid) is president of the cultural association Hablar en Arte ( and responsible for the management of such projects as Ingráfica – International Platform for Graphic Art and Other Forms of Multiple Art (, Lugares de Tránsito (, and Jugada a 3 bandas (

He has curated a number of exhibitions, including Bajo techo: Cuatro estadios de intimidad (works from the Community of Madrid Collection, CA2M 2008); Reproduction, Repetition and Rebellion: Multiplicity in Spanish Emerging Art (shown in 2010 and 2011 at the Instituto Cervantes in Vienna, Austria; the National Brukenthal Museum in Sibiu, Romania; the International Centre of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia; Akademija – Centre for Graphic Art and Visual Research and The Windows Gallery in Belgrade, Serbia; and the New Contemporary Art Museum in Zagreb, Croatia); El Reto Ingrávido (Ingravid, Contemporary Culture Festival of Emporda, Figueres, Spain, 2010) and The Intervened Library (touring Spain 2012–2013).

Besides, he is the curator of the exhibition Password: Printmaking, together with the curators Sofie Dederen, Daina Glavocic, Jaanus Samma, Marta Anna Raczek-Karcz and Božidar Zrinski (MGLC Ljubljana: 17.4.−26.5.2013; FMC Kasterlee: 9.6.−28.7.2013; MCG Krakow: 8.8.−22.9.2013; CIEC Foundation Betanzos: 10.10.−25.11.2013; MMSU Rijeka: 10.12.2013−25.1.2014 TPT Tallinn: February−March 2014).

He holds a degree in Art History from the Autonomous University of Madrid.

He was the general coordinator of PHotoEspana 2007 and previously directed activities for PHE06 and PHE05.


X Platform > OPEN CALL for young interactive and new media artists

X Platform

Preparatory to the 9th edition of the eXplore Dance Festival - Bucharest International Contemporary Dance and Performance Festival, Romania’s main dance and performance event, 4Culture Association in co-production with Tangaj Dance kick start X Platform - a residency program dedicated to the new generation of interactive artists across Europe that supports the research and the production of interactive, new and trans-media projects.


Seeking to express a critical understanding of technology, the X Platform program is open to young visual artists who are concerned with the syncretism between artistic genres, with a main focus on digital projects and interdisciplinary installations.


The creative platform’s hot-spot is the technological invasion in contemporary art. Biotechnology, genetic engineering and molecular robotics, somatic exploration of light, sound or other technological mechanisms are speculated in the context of immersive video-art installations, which may or may not have performative value.


Based in Bucharest, Romania WASP - Working Art Space & Production is an independent alternative space with a focus on contemporary dance, visual arts experiments, underground contemporary theatre and multimedia addicts. Repurposing 500 square meters of an old communist factory, the place hosts two modern studios, exhibition spaces, as well as the 4Culture Association’s offices. Leaving the institutionalized art world behind, the project is a manifesto for creativity and innovation for the new generation. Platform X does not encourage a static perspective, but envisions space in continuous motion and transformation. The aesthetic purpose of the platform is to arouse curiosity, to play with perception and to introduce original performative processes that create a sense of deliberate disorientation.


The project’s starting point will be a one month residency at WASP - Working Art Space and Production in Bucharest, where the artists will work on the production of individual or group projects under mentorship sessions that aim to complement by workshops and public discussions.


The first edition of the X Platform will be curated by Olivia Nitiș.

The mentors of X Platform’s first edition: Ciprian Ciuclea, Jan Eugen and Cosmina Chituc, Marilena Preda Sânc.


Application period: July 15 to August 8, 2014.

Deadline: Friday, August 8, 2014.

Accepted applicants will be contacted throughout August 11-17, 2014. Residency and production period: August 18 — September 14, 2014.


For more detalils download the presentation

Download the Application Form


Ciprian Ciuclea - Open Interval

Ciprian Ciuclea

June 26 – August 22, 2014

Aiurart – Contemporary Art Space, Bucharest

Curator: Adriana Oprea


Ciprian Ciuclea is an artist concerned with the relationship between image, object, art and sensibility. I love Bach (Calina Gallery, Timisoara, 2009) and Descriptio (Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu, 2009) are two important exhibitions that offered, even then, coordinates of his visual universe, repeated at different scale, in another context and with seemingly other theoretical interests in more recent exhibitions, as The consequences of the object's interpretation process on an objective look (Recycle Nest Gallery, Bucharest, 2010) and Erosion | after continental drift theory (Spatiul Platforma, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, 2013). They fall under a broader research interest that the artist devoted for years to the relationship between art and science. Art sensory is thus presented with consistent incursions in science. Therefore, all his projects are technological, based on apparatus (as main character of the exhibit) and on mathematics, physics, optics or chemistry.


The Open Interval project is in this line, retrieving an old concern of the artist for sensorial sound recording. This is why Open Interval is a large, elaborate sound system. Relying on the well-known algebraic notion, the sound played in the exhibition space will physically create the reality of a formula that otherwise remains abstract. What does it mean to produce and perceive an open interval through sound waves? The particularity of the exhibition is that the sound will be spread and physically recorded first through image (the first part of the exhibit: audio-video installation), and then it will become the protagonist (the second part: sound installation). Ciprian Ciuclea’s project proposes an immersive, ambiental, diffuse environment, a conceptual sound atmosphere that is completely reshaping the physical aspects of the space and creates the context of a special perceptual experience.

Olivia Nitis - Marginal Histories of Feminist Art

Olivia Nitis

Marginal Histories of Feminist Art is the first book published in Romania dedicated to feminist theories and practices in contemporary art in Eastern Europe. The author follows the socio-political and cultural contexts in this area as well as the ideological mechanisms that shaped specific discourses differently intersected with the paradigm of gender and feminist issues before and after 1990. Marginality is seen both as reality to be assumed, and as the effect of micro-histories oriented towards overcoming dichotomous type mannerisms such as East / West, marginal / peripheral.


Author: Olivia Nitis

Publishing House: Vellant, Bucharest (2014)

Partner: Experimental Project

Language: Romanian

Design: Ciprian Ciuclea

Format: 165 x 235 mm

Pages: 96

ISBN: 978-973-1984-79-7


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