a constant debate


IEEB4 continues an endevour based on this experiment, on my conviction that the old engraving constantly develops and opens its contemporary horizon. Our experiment pushes the limits of printmaking, releases it from technical constraints, interracts with other artistic expressions. The exhibition of Mexican printmaking, under my curratorial signature, is a consequence of the Mexican experimental printmaking delimitation from the previous edition, with two locals among the winners. The effervescence and playful and yet cutting ingenuity of the experiment in Mexican contemporary printmaking is an example of authenticity in approaching the techniques, the surfaces and the conceptual dimensions. I hope that this edition of IEEB will again be a proof for the integration of printmaking in the circuit of contemporary art as a viable alternative and as pertinent as any kind of artistic medium. Although it made its debut as a niche event, The International Experimental Engraving Biennial already at its 4th edition, succeeds to demonstrate the imperative access of engraving in the international contemporary art circuit, by overcoming the stigma of conventionality attached to this artistic medium. The experiment in engraving is not an excuse or a superficial treatment of serious and long tradition techniques, but a pertinent way to focus the attention towards the freedom of approaching engraving, in spite of formal constraints.

Experimental engraving is a concept that places the status of printmaking in contemporary art in a constant debate as well as the relationship between tradition and innovation, past and present. Because you cannot have performance without a performance plan, this edition has proposed a number of challenges, from an expansion in space with related events, to the mixing of the experiment in international contemporary printmaking with the one in Romania from 1970s and 1980s. IEEB4 is a platform for debate, research, visual offerings, designed to form a dynamic core focused on the interest towards the experimental forms of printmaking. The invited curators, the artists and their works, and our many partners certify the value of this Biennial, singular until now internationally. We thank everyone involved in supporting our Biennial, without whom IEEB would not have enhanced its status and, despite all the difficulties arising from economic conditions, we are confident in an evolution of strength with each future edition.


  • Venues : Mogosoaia Cultural Center- the main exhibition (curators: Eva Möseneder [AT], Marta Raczek [PL]).
    Artists: Silvana Balsbalg (AR), Radu Buriac (RO), Regina R. Costa (PT), Pál Csaba (HU), Bianka Dobo (HU), Barbara Holub (AT), Juliana Guger (AT), Eve Kask (EE), Davida Kidd (CA), Koichi Kiyono (JP), Paul Laidler (UK), Sigrid Langrehr (AT), Ingrid Ledent (BE), Mäetamm Marko (EE), Dylan McManus (US), Helen Murgatroyd (UK), Jesús Pastor (ES), Aine Scannell (IRL), Wilhelm Scherübl (AT), Valeriu Schiau (RO), Malgorzata Szandala (POL), Francisco Velasco Fernández (ES), Diane Victor (ZA), Marcos Vidal Font (ES), Saul Villa (MX), Michael Walker (BR), Franka Wurzer (AT), Mihai Zgondoiu (RO).

    Mogosoaia Cultural Center - Romanian Printmaking Experiment from the '70 and '80s (curator: Adrian Guta [RO])
    Artists: Geta Bratescu, Aurel Bulacu, Suzana Fantanariu, Teodor Graur, Ion Grigorescu, Ioan Horvath Bugnariu, Teodor Hrib, Radu Igazsag, Alexandru Jakabhazi, Iosif Kiraly, Ethel Lukats Baias, Ileana Ploscaru Panait, Marilena Preda Sanc, Gheorghe Rasovszky, Ion Stendl, Adrian Timar, Laszlo Ujvarossy.

    Anaid Art Gallery - WoMen's World - Polish Experimental Engraving (curator: Marta Raczek [PL])
    Artists: Judyta Bernaś, Małgorzata „Malwina“ Niespodziewana, Małgorzata „ETber“ Warlikowska, Monika Wanyura-Kurosad.

    The Contemporary Art Gallery of the National Brukenthal Museum, Sibiu - Reproduction, repetition and rebellion. Multiplicity in Spanish emergent art (curator: Javier Martin-Jimenez [ES])
    Artists: Javier Arce, DEMOCRACIA, EL CARTEL, Fernando Garcia, NOAZ, PSJM, Enrique Radigales, Daniel Silvo, Azucena Vieites, EDICIONES PURÉ, LALATA (REVISTA OBJETO), LA MÁS BELLA, S.T. LIBRO OBJETO.

    Atelier 030202 - Mexican Contemporary Experimental Printmaking (curator: Ciprian Ciuclea [RO])
    Artists: Dario Ramirez, Marcelo Balzaretti, Martacarmela Sotelo, Jose Porras Gomez.

    Comedy Theatre in Bucharest - IEEB4 Conference
    Speakers: Marcelo Balzaretti [MEX], Eva Möseneder [AT], Marta Raczek [PL], Adrian Guta [RO].