socio-political context


IEEB chose to focus until now on the general aspects of experimental printmaking with an extended vision even from the geographic point of view. This was meant to answer to the imperative needs of making a statement as a reaction to the current status of printmaking around the world, seen by far as a traditional technique and unintegrated to the contemporary art movement. After 4 fulfilling editions, with positive reactions from artists, curators and theoreticians, we have decided that a more focused edition in terms of concept and of a well-defined geographic area could provide important results on the analysis of the role of experimental printmaking and experiment with the use of printmaking within a certain cultural and socio-political context. Therefore the 5th edition of IEEB will pay attention to Central and Eastern Europe contemporary printmaking faced with its Western counterpart (North America and Western Europe). IEEB5 addresed a few questions:

1. What are (if there are) the conceptual and aesthetic differences and similarities between these areas reflected through the well-known West-East paradigm?

2. Does contemporary printmaking reflect its socio-political past and does the westernization of Eastern Europe after the fall of the communist regime contribute to the definition of a new cultural identity?

3. Does the complex of being a former communist society influence the relationship between Eastern and Western artists?

4. How is printmaking in Eastern Europe still linked to its useful function of multiplying and spreading information in favor of a political system or against it?

5. Is the utilitarian function through technique, even considering its subversive message, responsible for cutting off printmaking from the mainstream?

6. Seen merely as a technique why is printmaking less important than the other techniques of contemporary art, which are in fact not regarded as such?


  • Venues : Mogosoaia Cultural Center- the main exhibition (curator: Richard Noyce).
    Artists: Ana Soler [ESP], Annu Vertanen [FIN], Ardan Özmenoġlu [TUR], Barbara Putnam [USA], Curtis Readel [USA], Eglė Kuckaitė [LIT], Igor Benca [SLO], Iwona Abrams [UK], Ksawery Kaliski [POL], Marcus Rees Roberts [UK], Moises Yagües [ESP], Monika Wanyura-Kurosad [POL], Robert Baramov [BUL], Valeriu Şchiau [RO], Xenophon Sachinis [GRE].

    Mogosoaia Cultural Center, the House of Arts - ROMANIAN EXPERIMENTAL PRINTMAKING, curator: Adrian Guţă [RO].
    Artists: Christian Paraschiv, Ion Grigorescu, Vlad Nancă.

    Victoria Art Center - IEEB5 Pavillions (curator: Olivia Nitis).
    Artists: Artists: Austria: Sigrid Langrehr, Eva Möseneder, Maruša Sagadin, Janine Pölzl, Ilse Haider Poland: Izabela Gustowska, Jarema Drogowski Hungary: Bianka Dobó, Pál Csaba

    Atelier 030202 - EXPERIMENTAL PRINT STUDIO. The limits of technique after the Fasteco Age. (curators: Cosmina Chituc & Alexandru Branişte [RO])
    Artists: Nicu Ilfoveanu, Jan Eugen, Michele Bressan.