Ecological Thinking and Practices


The 6th edition of IEEB is addressing issues of ecology. Ecological Thinking and Practices is the general theme of the edition that brings forth a variety of environmental subjects. Artist’s thinking and production function as a tool for observing, criticizing and revealing aspects of our life that are sometimes slightly debated, going unnoticed, being subject to ignorance or power relations, therefore left marginal. Thinking ecologically represents an imperative for our civilization today, the parallel process between thinking and acting accordingly providing the context for further political and ethical debates.

The works presented in IEEB6 will address questions, perhaps also offer answers to problems regarding our relationship with the environment. The art production itself is starting to include ecological materials. The specificity of printmaking means the useof acids harmful for the environment, but today other possibilities are at hand including non toxic, water based ink, ink without animal ingredients, organic paper with a large quantity of recycled material, less chlorine and so on.

Current events in Europe such as Rosia Montana, fracking and animal protection rights in Romania, Gezi Park issues in Turkey to which we add other aspects around the world like tropical deforestation, massive industrialization, water pollution, non-environmental living and architecture, influencing global warming, climate change forced migration repesent imperative aspects for human conscience reaction. IEEB6 intends to represent a platform for these concerns, from different points of view.


  • Venues : Mogosoaia Cultural Center- the main exhibition, The Conquest of the Impossible (curator: Javier Martín Jiménez).
    Artists: Javier Arce (Spain), Sara Bjarland (Finland), Pedro Luis Cembranos (Spain), Emma Crichton (United Kingdom), María García-Ibáñez (Spain), Mito Gegic (Slovenia), Jerónimo Hagerman (Mexico), László Hatházi (Hungary), Kaszás Tamás (Hungary), Liudmila & Nelson (Cuba), Ángel Masip (Spain), Elena Nieto López (Spain), Misha de Ridder (The Netherlands), Belén Rodríguez González (Spain), Julia Rometti & Victor Costales (France), Zoé T. Vizcaíno (Mexico).

    Mogosoaia Cultural Center, the House of Arts - Satisfaction of Basic Needs (curator: Adriana Oprea).

    Victoria Art Center - Circumstances favorable to natural selection (curator: Olivia Nitis).
    Artists: Michael Goldgruber (Austria), Christina Starzer (Austria), Ulrike Königshofer (Austria), Sultan Burcu Demir (Turkey), Ardan Ozmenoglu (Turkey).

    Aiurart Contemporary Art Space - News Report: Calamity Ethel & Silviu Baias.

    Atelier 030202 - Lecture Dan Perjovschi: What can you do when there is so much to be done?